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Hector - a great character in Greek mythology, fearless fighter in the Trojan War
- Hector -
Who is Hector? Who is Hector?
Hector’s Childhood Hector’s Childhood
Hector and Paris Hector and Paris
Hector's Family Hector's Family
Fighting the Heroes Fighting the Heroes
Battle on Sea and Land Battle on Sea and Land
The End Of The Hero The End Of The Hero
History or Mythology? History or Mythology?
Troy after Hector Troy after Hector
Priam and Hecuba Priam and Hecuba
Nine Worthies Nine Worthies
- Troy -
Troy, the legend Troy, the legend
Where is Troy Where is Troy
Troy History Troy History
Troy, The Movie Troy, The Movie
- Homer -
Author of Iliad? Author of Iliad?
Possible Work Possible Work
Iliad, History or Fiction? Iliad, History or Fiction?
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Hector! The story of the warrior! Heroes, spectacular fights, drama, impressing scenes!

Here you can find everything you want to know about Hector, The Trojan War and even Homer, the famous writer. Breathtaking stories, between history and mythology!

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Experience Hector!



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1. Who is Hector?
2. Where is Troy
3. Troy, The Movie
4. Hector and Paris
5. Troy History
6. The End Of The Hero
7. Troy after Hector
8. Hector's Family
9. Hector’s Childhood
10. Fighting the Heroes
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